Setting up the stage for the emergence of a new generation of women in politics

More than ever, our democracy needs a new generation of committed women to find a legitimate place at the heart of our institutions. It entails that they are taking part in the challenges that will determine the living conditions of future generations.

The barriers faced by these women are still too many, a collective effort to remove those is crucial.With the next term of office for 2022-2027 and in particular the legislative elections in sight, we have decided to take action by creating the INVESTIES journey, to overcome the barriers that have hindered us for too long.

Born in the spring of 2020, under the impulsion of twenty involved women, INVESTIES is a training journey to discover the political practice, that took place over the past 9 months, from October 2020 to June 2021. INVESTIES aims to give all the necessary keys for the deployment of future political leaders by developing their full potential for action.

Investies brings together 60 committed women from all over France. There is no common political program among us but we recognize ourselves in four pillars: social justice, environmental justice, democratic transition, and the fight against all discriminations.
Altogether, the participants developed their training journey to practice politics based on their own questionnings and expertise. High level speakers, former ministers, elected officials, and renowned specialists were mobilized to give their inputs.