The participants

INVESTIES gather together 60 women activists, researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers, campaigners, civil servants, as well as current and former elected representatives. All Investies are involved in local mobilisations, related to social, civil rights or environmental advocacy, and wish to explore the political landscape, in broad terms. Through several meetings of committed women, the first cohort has been set up in September 2020 by word of mouth. The participants worked together to co-design the training program based on their questionnings and expertise. Among them:

Adeline Nguyen

Aïscha Fritsch

Alice Barbe

Alice Bosler

Alice Poggioli

Anne Lorient

Anne-Sophie Lahaye

Armonia Pierantozzi

Ayda Hadizadeh

Basma Tliba

Candice le Tourneur

Céline Bardet

Clara Gonzales

"Investies allows me to rethink power, on a purely democratic scale, in a manner that values the ethics of our representatives. I hope that together we can spark a true citizen revolution in the face of major climate and social challenges and against inequality."
A participant

Clémence Pène

Dounia Abderrahman

Haïfa Tlili

Hanieh Hadizadeh

Hanitra Ratrimo

Khadija Nemri

Laura Youkana

Lea Douhard

Louise Guillot

Lumir Lapray

Mahdiya Hassan-Lksiri

Manon Henry

Margot L'Hermite

Marie Dorléans

Marie-Pierre Barrière

Marine Calmet

Marine Creuzet

Marine Denis

Mathilde Bras

Mathilde Maulat

Mélanie Raphaël

Nina Karam-Leder

"With Investies, I feel like I am bringing a column that others can build on and have columns brought by others, that I can build on."
Une participante

Pauline Couvent

Pauline Rochart

Priscillia Ludosky

Quitterie de Villepin

Raphaëlle Martinez

Romy Dematons Lakrouz

Roxane Julien

Sarah Durieux

Silvia Marcon

Solene Ducretot

Sophia Majnoni

Sorayah Mechtouh

Teissir Ghrab

Véronique Cerasoli